Weekend at Blackberry Farm
Cathy having afternoon tea on the patio Pan right - afternoon tea on the patio
View from the patio - left View from the patio - right
Looking back from the lake to the main house. Wave at Cathy! Cliff looking out over the property, thinking 'This would make a great pasture for horses!'
Cliff at the covered bridge. We have to walk from here? Cathy, realizing how far the walk back is going to be.
Cathy's favorite spot by the lake The Wedding Chapel
The trout pond. Fresh fish for dinner at the main house Cliff, resting by the trout pond. Could I get a fishing pole?
Buck, the Tennessee Walking horse that Cliff rode. He didn't earn that name. The Tennessee Walker that Cathy rode.
Our horses rest while we have a picnic lunch nearby A snapshot out the truck window as we were leaving
On the front porch of our cabin after a day of trail riding. The view from our front porch
Inside our one-room cabin Inside our one-room cabin
Table for two, please... Cathy and Cliff, celebrating our 1st anniversary
How did they know this is my favorite! The breakfast dining room

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