Lozier's Box R Ranch, Cora, WY
On a long stretch of highway... An hour south of Jackson Hole...
8 miles from the main road Finally arrived at the ranch
It's definitely not the Marriott No television, no radio, no internet, no telephone...
An arch made of elk horns Cathy next to the Arch of horns
Mr. and Mrs. Kaschimer getting settled into their cabin Mountains are all around us
I wonder if the coffee is ready yet Pronghorn deer are everywhere
The Wrangler's bunkhouse Al..errr..Sam and Chunk get aquainted
I'm Cliff's assigned horse for the week and I don't gallop I'm Cathy's horse for the week and I'll gallop if I want to
Pat Philly
So let's ride, giddyup! Hold my horse so I can get on
finally at the top of the mountain time to give the horses a rest
It's a long ways back More acres than I can count
A short trip into Pinedale for supplies and to the Mountain Man Museum
Along the road back from Pinedale Everything you need for shoeing horses right here
A lesson from Mr. Lozier himself ...the finer points on shoeing a horse
Are you ladies gettin all this? You'll stow your saddle here till the mornin
Let's go, the sun's up already Alright cowboys, we're waiting. Saddle up your horses
..move along, move along, no pushin, keep movin.. We're ready to drive cattle, right Chunk?
Load 'em up! All horses in the trailer, it's a long drive It's Cliffy the Kid...this is my best day!
I'm just about to catch this one Here they come!
Get out of the way! It's a stampede! Riders comin in after a full day in the mountains
I'm starting to get the hang of this Taking off the gear after a long day in the saddle
A cookout for tired cowboys beans, hot dogs, chips, real cowboy food
Riders comin in for breakfast This cowboy is hungry
Cathy looks for a place to tie her horse I found the coffee, that's all I need
Cliff and Cathy meet for breakfast on the mountain top Coda smells something good
Do you have to do that now? Come and get it!
New Friends a great view from here
Time for a nap Someone stayed up too late last night.
I see a shady spot with my name on it Wake me when it's time to go back
Smilin Sam is havin a good time It don't get no better than this
Did you hear the one about the... Saying goodbye to new friends
So long Sam, till next time Goodbye Wyoming

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